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Your Body, Your Home

I think most of us can agree that our bodies aren't really who we are. Rather, they act as the container for our souls as we go through this life.

Living in a human container means evolution. We need to accept that we will be constantly growing, changing, even gradually decaying.

According to recent research [sources: Stanford University, Northrup], the body completely sheds and replaces itself with all new cells every 7 years. Some of our most important organs are rejuvenated even more frequently.

Beyond that, our bodies change hormonally every 28 days for those of us who menstruate.

We change when we grow babies.

We change as we age.

We gain and lose weight constantly.

Learning to accept this constant shifting in our containers is one way to make peace with ourselves. Instead of fighting this part of life, what can we do to make our containers feel like home?

It is difficult to feel at home when you're constantly trying to change your surroundings or wishing they would change. Our bodies work the same way. How will you ever find peace if you can not accept all of who you are?

Wishing your container was the same as it was last year, 10 years ago, 3 kids ago, whatever it is, will only bring you suffering.

Instead, make your body as it is now feel like home. Because it is your home. And accept that what it is now, will be gone tomorrow.

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