On Bravery As A Plus Size Model

Being a plus sized older person, is not societies perfect look on an ideal human.

We always hear negative comments is every direction.

When I heard Jasmin was looking for brand ambassadors, first I was like "hell ya I’ll do it!", but then reality hit.

I had a really low part in my thought process of “how could I show myself confidence if it was low?

Or why would an older overweight person be one that would be chosen.

I was always good at “ putting up my wall, so I never got hurt.

That moment I was notified that I was going to be working with Jasmin and many other beauties. I’m not gonna lie I was petrified.

It was probably the scariest part of my decision to move forward! I mean I was honored to be chosen, but how could I throw myself into this world when honestly I was afraid of people seeing me?

Turns out it was the best darn decision for me!

I have grown as a person. I found me! And I’m not afraid for people to see me.

Yes, I will always be afraid of the judgment, but I know I am beautiful! I deserve self love.

Working with Jasmin is so rewarding. She is a powerful strong woman who makes life in a photo shoot so easy. I truly can’t picture me being able to get ( mostly ) naked in front of just anyone!

But I did and when I’m with her, I’m the center of attention and o don’t even know it .

Making an investment in yourself is the first step of loving yourself, please do it with Jasmin. I promise you won’t regret any part of it!