Boudoir Photography FAQs

1. Will my photos be kept private?

If you would like your photographs to be kept confidential, I will absolutely do that for you. If you purchase digital photographs, they will be made available in an online gallery, however, I can password protect the gallery, so only people with the password will be allowed in.

2. Do you photograph men/couples?

I only photograph cis men and couples I have previously met and developed a rapport with.

3. Can you hide my [insert body part]?

While I possess the skills to do that, I am curious why you would want to hide it. Every client comes to me with body insecurities, but part of my mission as a boudoir photographer is to help women see the full spectrum of their beauty! This does not mean we are going to do some close-up photos of X body part, or put a spotlight on it, but it also does not mean we are going to hide X body part.

You see, my goal is to give you an experience that will have you feeling - sexy, and empowered - At the end of your session and when you see your photos, I want you to correlate that you felt that way, not because of or without X body part, but rather with THIS body as it is. You did something scary and amazing and you did it with this body! You are more than just X body part, and THAT'S what I want to show you.

4. I have cellulite/stretch marks/acne. Can you photoshop it?

I do not use photoshop to change people’s bodies as it is my mission to show you photographs that represent how you look. I believe that your stretch marks and cellulite are a part of your unique, beautiful self, and I want to make art that aligns with that belief.

I do photoshop anything that is temporary, so scratches, acne, etc.

5. Do I have to wear lingerie?

Absolutely not! I will photograph you in anything or nothing. It is important to me that you wear whatever feels good to you!

6. Do I bring my own lingerie, or do you provide the outfits?

I have outfits that fit bodies sizes xs to 6x that I am happy to supply you with.

Many of my clients enjoy shopping for their session, so if this sounds like something you would be interested in, check out my lingerie guide.

7. What about hair and makeup?

You can come photograph ready if you want to, or you can add it to your shoot. I work with the amazing Denee Noel Artistry. She creates amazing looks, specifically for the camera. She is highly experienced with all skin tones and hair types.

If you do not normally wear makeup and would prefer to be photographed without makeup, that is also not a problem.

8. Can I bring a friend to my shoot?

I generally encourage you to come on your own as it allows us to be more focused on creating images.

If you would like to bring someone with you, it absolutely must be the kind of friend who is going to be 100% supportive and cheer you on. Anyone who makes you feel at all self conscious is not a good fit for this experience.

No significant others are allowed.

9. I do not know how to pose. Help!

Most of the women you see in my portfolio have no modeling experience either. I will walk you through all the posing, one step at a time.

Some poses can feel straight up ridiculous, even though they look amazing on camera. With me showing you the poses, you will feel more comfortable doing them yourself.

10. Can I just lose 10 lbs first?

As a body inclusive photographer, it is my job to photograph you where you are and, in my experience, there will never be a perfect weight, a perfect time nor the perfect haircut.

Your body is worthy of documentation right now, just as it will be if you should lose weight because it is the same body and more importantly, it is YOU!

Sexy has no weight limit, confidence has no waist size, and empowerment certainly has no pants size (in fact, less pants are best pants tbh).

As someone who has photographed women between the sizes of 0-28 and the ages of 20-75, I can tell you, the confidence is not in their size or their age - it is in the fact that they decided to take action, empower themselves, and do something to celebrate themselves as WOMEN, not just as bodies.

Regardless of whether you choose to wait or decide to empower yourself now, I will be happy to photograph you.

11. I want to give this to my SO as a gift. When should I book to have the photographs / album available on time?

You should allow 6 weeks to get your album back and 4 weeks for digital photographs.

If your special event is coming up sooner than that, I may be able to help you, however, a rush fee will apply.

12. Where will my photo session take place? Do you have a studio?

I photograph at The Photographer Studio typically. If you have another location in mind, we can discuss that during your consultation.

13. I would love to do this, but I have no self confidence.

I can understand how you might think you need to have confidence BEFORE doing a boudoir session, but I must tell you, people come see me to FIND their confidence.

You see, it is the ACT of taking chances on yourself, DOING things that scare you, and TRUSTING yourself just a tiny bit that will help you uncover your confidence.

You can ask pretty much every client I have ever photographed, and most of them had the exact same mindset. If you need help finding that confidence, I encourage you to book a consultation. You can always decide to wait, but you might find that this is something you feel like you can do once you meet me.

14. I AM IN! What are the next steps?

We always start with a consultation. I will walk you through my process step-by-step.

From there, we will pick a session date and I will send you over a link to sign your contract and pay your retainer. Once that is done, you are officially booked in!