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I am a mother of 3, a surrogate mother, a self-love advocate, and a passionate photographer trying to leave this world just a little bit better than when I entered it.

I completely understand the body and life changes that come with motherhood. It took me 10 years to fully embrace the changes to my body from being pregnant.

​As I have gone down the path of self-acceptance and worked on my own body image issues, I have realized the power of intimate portraiture. I have learned to embrace my own “flaws” within my portraits, and I have felt more confident than ever.

My journey has led me to see that I must provide photographs that welcome people as they are. 

I no longer wish to contribute to the collective harm created by airbrushing away what is distinctly you. 

  • Each scar is evidence of the life that you have led. 

  • Each fold creates softness. 

  • Each stretchmark shows your own growth or the growth of your children.

You are a piece of fucking art.

If you choose to empower yourself to be seen, I will embrace you as you are and provide you with portraits that reflect your unique beauty.

I can’t promise to rid you of all your insecurities, but I can assist you down the path of radical self-acceptance.

  • I can help you on your journey towards reigniting the passion, the fire of life.

  • I can capture your magnetism, your power, your radiance, and your beauty.

  • I can create a safe space for you to express your authentic self.

  • I can give you the experience to nourish the parts of you that you may keep locked away. Together we can shine the light on them.

I live to help others overcome their self-doubt and assist them in their journey to self-love. Photography provides me a medium for this work.

Curvy Boudoir Photography
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